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The benefits of  "temporary staffing" helps business accomplish performance goals within a specific
budget and time frame. These managers know that a flexible workforce makes the ebb and flow of
business less costly - and more productive.

About Staffing uses an assortment of methods including print and broadcast media, our website –
www.aboutstaffingLtd.com, evolving Internet recruitment platforms, and employee-based referral
programs to attract the most qualified candidates on a continual basis.

Administrative                         Accounting                         Bookkeeping
Clerical                                    Construction                      General Labor
Head Hunting                         Industrial                            Labor
Nursing Services                   Office                                   Receptionist
Technical                                 Warehouse

Whether your needs are for a day, a week, a month, or longer - we will work hard to provide a qualified
pool of temporary talent ready to respond to your call.

About Staffing saves you time and money by eliminating:

Drug Screening                                           Time Spent on Reference Checks
Newspaper Advertising                              Processing of W-4's
Processing of I-9's                                      Time spent on Background Checks
Scheduling Employees                              Interviewing Candidates
Sexual Assault Background Checks       Taxes
Workers' Compensation                            Employee Benefits

The impact of a continually changing economy on the available labor pool, demands that effective
staffing companies deploy a diverse recruitment strategy.

For businesses who have specialty or high volume staffing needs, our local staff will work with you to
develop a targeted recruiting strategy, designed to locate the impossible-to-find candidates, or the
high numbers of employees you need when you need them.

At  About Staffing, Ltd, our job is to recruit the best people and have them ready when you call.
Fortunately, our reputation for attracting skilled employees gives us an edge when we recruit. All
applicants for temporary, temporary-to-hire, or direct hire placement, are screened interviewed, skill
tested and reference checked. That's not standard - it's above standard - because we bank on our
employees being above the rest.
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