About Staffing, Ltd
About Staffing has one focus, meeting the needs of the clients and candidates we serve each and every day.
About Staffing, Ltd offers Head Hunting services that will provide you with industry-specific placement.
As partners within the business community, our clients success is our success.

About Staffing, Ltd offers Temp, Temp to Permanent Placement, Permanent Placement and Head
Hunting services.

About Staffing, Ltd screens, test, and establishes a link of negotiations between Client and Candidate
for the first interview.

About Staffing, Ltd  handles the many steps of the  process, such as advertising, recruiting, testing,
interviewing, reference checks, drug screening and pre-testing.
About Staffing, Ltd will be open 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. After hours and on Holidays and Weekends, the phones will be transferred to on call
Coordinator on duty and Client will receive a call list with back-up numbers.
About Us
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About Staffing, Ltd is an  Equal Opportunity Employer.
About Us